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License Errors


You will get a license error if the version of the runtime you are using does not match the version you are licensed for. If this is the case, please email J-Integra Support and include your license information.

"Invalid license" and "License file not found" Errors

The J-Integra licensing mechanism does not support non-English characters. The information you supply for your download profile is used in the generation of your license. Because of this, you cannot have any special characters in your profile. If you have non-English characters in your profile, your evaluation license will not function properly.

Note: Non-English characters include the '&' character!

If you are having licensing problems, please email J-Integra Support and they will send you a new evaluation license. You can also download J-Integra again and receive a new license. If you do, you will need to use a different email address so that you can enter a new profile.

java.lang.RuntimeException: Your trial period has expired

If you receive this message after upgrading from an evaluation license to a new official license, Section 5 of the Installation Instructions will show you how to clean the evaluation license, view the license to confirm it was cleaned, and install the new official license. If the problem still exists and the jintegra.jar file still contains the old jintegra.xml evaluation license, substitute this file with the official license file in the directory com/intrinsyc/license, and re-jar the jintegra.jar file.

Check license from Java code

A long stack trace will be thrown if J-Integra does not have a valid license installed. To check whether there is a valid J-Integra license and avoid throwing the stack trace, you can add the method below in your Java code:

private static boolean hasValidJintegraLicense () {
  boolean hasValidLicense = false;
  try {
    com.linar.jintegra.LicenseImpl jintegraLicense = new com.linar.jintegra.LicenseImpl();

    // jintegraLicense.check(...) throws an exception if no valid J-Integra license found.
    // hasValidLicense is true if there is a valid J-Integra license.
    hasValidLicense = jintegraLicense.check(true, new StringBuffer(), new StringBuffer());

    return hasValidLicense;
  } catch (Exception e) {
    // The exception thrown by jintegraLicense.check(...) is caught here.
    return hasValidLicense;

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