Embedding ActiveX Controls (OCXs) as Java components in Java AWT Containers

An ActiveX Control is a kind of COM component that generally requires hosting in a GUI container. ActiveX Controls typically have the extension '.ocx'.

J-Integra® lets you embed a COM ActiveX Control inside a Java GUI as though the ActiveX Control were a Java GUI component. It lets you access the control's methods and properties and subscribe to its events using the standard Java mechanisms.

Below I'll take you step by step through the embedding of a couple of controls writing code by hand, and then show you how you can use the Borland/Inprise JBuilder™ tool to embed and access a control using the GUI Designer facility of the IDE:

Note: When using the Generate Java AWT classes com2java option to generate Java proxy classes for an ActiveX control,J-Integra® will run in native mode automatically.