Package com.linar.jintegra

Interface Summary
Instanciator This interface controls the instanciation of Java objects on behalf of COM objects.
ObjectExportChecker In DCOM mode, this class can register an object that will be notified whenever a Java object is about to be exposed to a COM client.
Unreferenced When a COM client holds a reference to a Java object, the J-Integra® runtime maintains a reference inside the JVM to that Java object on behalf of the COM client.

Class Summary
AuthInfo This class represents information used to authenticate a user.
Cleaner This class is used to programatically release references to COM objects.
Dispatch The Dispatch class represents a reference to a COM object via a COM interface.
EmptyVariant This class represents VT_EMPTY value in VARIANT type.
Jvm The JVM class is used to register the JVM id.
Log This class is used to log J-Integra®'s activities.
NTLMAuthenticate This class authenticates a domain/user/password using the "NT Challenge-Response" protocol.
NullVariant This class represents VT_NULL value in VARIANT type.
Version This class is used to get version and configuration information of J-Integra®, Java and operating system.

Exception Summary
AutomationException The AutomationException class represents an Exception returned from a remote COM Component.