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Windows - User Account Control (UAC)

Windows (starting with Vista) introduced a new security component known as User Account Control (UAC) that is designed to help prevent malicious programs from silently installing and computer-wide infections from occurring.  With UAC enabled, an account with administrative privileges runs applications as a standard user unless the application has been approved to run at an "elevated" level.

If you are experiencing problems running J-Integra on Windows (Vista or later), please try disabling UAC by doing the following:

In (Windows 7) Control Panel -> User Accounts -> User Accounts, click on "Change User Account Control settings".  In the next screen, drag the slider to the bottom and click OK.  You may be prompted to reboot your machine in order for the change to come into effect.

For more information about Windows UAC, please refer to the User Account Control Step-by-Step Guide.

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