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Q107101 - ERRMSG: Resolving Compilation Errors for ACTIVEDS.DLL

Resolving Compilation Errors for ACTIVEDS.DLL


When generating proxies for activeds.dll, the IADsADSystemInfo interface's 'get_IsNativeMode' conflicts with J-Integra's Dispatch object's 'isNativeMode' method, leading to the following compilation error:

IADsADSystemInfoProxy.java:231: isNativeMode() in Adsi.IADsADSystemInfoProxy cannot override isNativeMode() in com.linar.jintegra.Dispatch; overridden method is static public boolean isNativeMode () throws java.io.IOException, com.linar.jintegra.AutomationException

Because J-Integra has no mechanism for resolving this naming conflict, the proxies associated with the IADsADSystemInfo interface must be manually modified to change the method 'isNativeMode' to 'isNativeMode2' (or another name). This can be done by modifying the proxies in the following manner:
  • AdSystemInfo.java:
    On Line 302, change 'isNativeMode' to 'isNativeMode2' On line 304, change call to 'isNativeMode' to 'isNativeMode2'
  • IADsADSystemInfo.java:
    On line 103, change 'isNativeMode' to 'isNativeMode2'
  • IADsADSystemInfoProxy.java:
    On line 231, change 'isNativeMode' to 'isNativeMode2'
These changes have already been made to pre-compiled versions of these proxies, available via the Precompiled Java Proxy JAR Files knowledge base article.
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