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How to Send a Task Item


The following Java code shows how to create and send a task item using CDO and J-Integra for Exchange. For more information on CDO Type property fields, refer to
CDO Object Model.

import com.linar.jintegra.*;
import com.intrinsyc.cdo.*;
import java.util.Date;

public class SendTaskRequest {

    // Modify the following variables based on your specific setup
    // domain where the CDO host machine belongs, make sure it's all capitalized
    static String domain = "DOMAIN";
    // Java-Exchange username
    static String user = "username";
    // password of Java-Exchange user
    static String password = "password";
    // mailbox of Java-Exchange user
    static String mailbox    = "mailbox";
    // IP address or name of the CDO host machine
    static String CDOmachine = "";
    // IP address or name of the Exchange Server
    static String exchangeServer = "";
    // e-mail address of the person assigned for this task
    static String assignTo      = "[email protected]";

    // MAPI Constants to determine property set and individual properties
    // specific to task items
    static String CDOPROPSETID2 = "0320060000000000C000000000000046";
    static String CDOTASK_STARTDATE = "0x8104";
    static String CDOTASK_DUEDATE = "0x8105";
    static String CDOTASK_PERCENTCOMPLETE = "0x8102";

    public static void main(String[] args) {

        try {
            // Authenticate to NT domain via NTLM
            AuthInfo.setDefault(domain, user, password);

            // Start a MAPI Session
            Session session = new Session(CDOmachine);

            // Logon to the Exchange Server
            session.logon(null, null, null, null, null, null,
                          exchangeServer + "\n" + mailbox);

            // Retrieve task items for the Task Folder
            // Since CDO does not have direct support for Outlook task items,
            // we retrieve them as messages
            Integer folderID = new Integer(CdoDefaultFolderTypes.CdoDefaultFolderTasks);
            Folder taskFolder = new FolderProxy(session.getDefaultFolder(folderID));
            Messages tasks = new MessagesProxy(taskFolder.getMessages());

            // Add a task
            Message task = new MessageProxy(tasks.add(null, null, null, null));

            // Set task properties
            task.setSubject("Evaluate J-Integra for Exchange");
            task.setText("Perform a proof of concept for adding messaging capability " +
                         "to existing Web application by integrating Java and MS Exchange " +
                         "via interoperability tool called J-Integra for Exchange");

            // Set other task properties not readily accessible through CDO by
            // using some undocumented MAPI property tags
            Fields fields = new FieldsProxy(task.getFields());

            // Set the task start date
            Field  field = new FieldProxy(fields.add(
                    CDOTASK_STARTDATE,  // name of the property
                    new Integer(7),     // value data type, 7 maps to vbDate*
                    new Date(),         // value of the property
                    CDOPROPSETID2       // propSetID

            // Set the task end date
            Field  field2 = new FieldProxy(fields.add(
                    CDOTASK_DUEDATE,    // name of the property
                    new Integer(7),     // value data type, 7 maps to vbDate*
                    new Date(),         // value of the property
                    CDOPROPSETID2       // propSetID

            // Set the task's percent completion
            Field  field3 = new FieldProxy(fields.add(
                    CDOTASK_PERCENTCOMPLETE,    // name of the property
                    new Integer(5),     // value data type, 5 maps to vbDouble*
                    new Double(0.15),   // value of the property
                    CDOPROPSETID2       // propSetID

            // Create task recipient
            Recipients recipients = new RecipientsProxy(task.getRecipients());
            Recipient recipient = new RecipientProxy(recipients.add(null, null, null, null));

            // Each recipient added must be resolved before it can be used.
            // 0 == false to inhibit dialog boxes from popping up
            recipient.resolve(new Integer(0));

            // Update and send the task request
            task.update(new Boolean(true), new Boolean(true));
            task.send(new Boolean(true), null, null); // saves a copy in the sender's task folder

            System.out.println("Task request has been sent.");

            // Logoff and release all COM references

        } catch (Exception ex) {


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