The DCOMConfig Tool

DCOMConfig.exe is a tool that helps you automatically configure the DCOM settings of a COM application so that the COM application can be accessed remotely by a Java client.

How to Run the Tool

  1. Double-click on DCOMConfig.exe located in the bin folder of your J-Integra® installation directory.

  2. From the pop-up window, choose the COM application whose DCOM settings you wish to configure.

  3. Click on "Configure". Another window will pop up giving you details on how the DCOM settings of the selected COM application have been configured.

  4. Click "Ok" then "Close" to exit the application or choose another COM application to configure.

Note that the changes the DCOMConfig tool makes to the DCOM settings of your COM application are the minimum required to have J-Integra® work with your COM application. If you have specific settings like adding more users to the launch and access permissions or setting the COM identity to Interactive user, you should use the DCOM configuration application that comes with Windows - DCOMCNFG.